Contact Form 7

We provided the full layout as a default style for contact form 7 plugin.

Contact Form 7

We also provide a snippet code if you want to add a layout and style to the form as well.

<div class="gdlr-core-input-wrap gdlr-core-large gdlr-core-full-width gdlr-core-with-column gdlr-core-no-border">
    <div class="gdlr-core-column-30">[text* your-name placeholder "Full Name*"]</div>
    <div class="gdlr-core-column-30">[email* your-email placeholder "Email*"]</div>
    <div class="clear"></div>
    <div class="gdlr-core-column-60">[text* your-subject placeholder "Subject*"]</div>
    <div class="clear"></div>
    <div class="gdlr-core-column-60">[textarea* your-message placeholder "Message*"]</div>
    <div class="gdlr-core-column-60 gdlr-core-center-align">[submit class:gdlr-core-full "Submit Now"]</div>

Here’s the explanation of what each class do

Contact Form 7 Custom