Making your site faster with W3 Total Cache plugin

You can speed up your website by using the plugin “W3 Total Cache”

*Please note that with this method, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get 100% of the score from speed tester. However, the score should improve a lot. The score will depend on image optimization too so you may seek for third party plugin to do image optimization but beware that it might drop your image quality, this is on your decision. And lastly, using CDN might improve your score too but you have to seek for third party service for this. Normally, this is not a free service.

*Please also note that some third party plugins might not work with the minifying setting that we recommend so if it doesn’t work, you may skip this setting. But it 100% works with the theme itself. 

Every time you made changes on your website, you should purge the cache too.

Here are the recommend setting from us. 

1. General Setting.

General Setting 1
General Setting 2

2. Page Cache

Cache Setting 1
Cache Setting 2

3. Minify

Minify Setting

4. Browser Cache

Browser Setting