Setup One-Page

One-Page Menu

One-page website can be created using page builder. By defining an ID to each section of the page, you can create a menu which scroll to the individual section.

1) Defining ID to each section of the page.

Try editing any item to fill the ID to the element.

Edit wrapper
Add id in wrapper

2) Creating the menu anchor

At the “Appearance > Menu” area, try creating custom link menu item with #id as URL.

Add anchor link

Keep doing this with another section in page builder. If you need 4 menu, you have to separate your page builder to 4 sections and create 4 menu anchors.

3) Creating bullet anchor

You can create the “Bullet Anchor” at the “Page Options” when you edit each page. Choosing the “Bullet Anchor” tab to add new bullet and assign #id in the same way as menu anchor.

Bullet anchor

You can check the result here: