Theme Version 2 – Override the parent theme to the child theme

The docs for developer mean you must have knowledge and coding skill. Although, we’re create the docs for developer to help you achieve something not available in original feature, but we don’t provide support for anything not work when you reference with docs for developer. If the example code not work for you, please debug it by your-self or hire a freelancer to debug it for you instead.

All the customize will lose when you update our theme/plugin to new version in future. To avoid it, you must use filter and action:

In this tutorial, I will try to override the gdlr-page-item.php in: \wp-content\themes\totalbusiness\include\function\gdlr-page-item.php from the Total Business theme into the child theme.

In the child theme, copy the file in the path: totalbusiness-child\include\function\gdlr-page-item.php. (create the folder that’s not available in your child theme)

In the functions.php in the child theme, add a line of code:

include_once(get_stylesheet_directory() . '/include/function/gdlr-page-item.php');

Try to make any change in the totalbusiness-child\include\function\gdlr-page-item.php and check it again.