Time Table and Events

There are two types of events in our them:

– The timetable events: we’re using it to display a time table in a page with a link from Custom Event URL to the events details to a normal page.

The example shortcodes

[mp-timetable col="11031,12749,12904" events="12748, 12902, 12903" event_categ="44" title="1" time="1" sub-title="1" description="1" row_height="90" font_size="" increment="1" view="dropdown_list" label="All Events" hide_label="0" hide_hrs="0" hide_empty_rows="1" group="0" disable_event_url="0" text_align="center" text_align_vertical="default" id="" custom_class="" responsive="1"]

To get the col/events id, it’s similar my screenshot.

Please check my screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/HESyQjc.

Time Table and Events Document: https://motopress.com/files/motopress-timetable-plugin-documentation.pdf.

– The calendar events: we aren’t used it in our demo but if you want use Events page builder item, you need use the calendar events and it’s have the single events separate with our theme, so it’s the design from the plugin and we can’t provide support in this case.

The calendar events: https://theeventscalendar.com/knowledgebase/